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  • Fone Finder
    Telephone and Cell phone search engine that returns the city, state, and country of any phone number in the world.
  • Name From Phone
    FREE website reveals the name, city & state for most land line and wireless numbers, including unlisted and nonpub numbers.
  • Cid DB - Online Caller ID Database
    Free directory service with residential, business, and government white and yellow page listings, accessible via reverse phone number look-up. Provides the name for unlisted or unpublished numbers including cell phone numbers!
  • Free Reverse Phone Lookup | Caller ID Service
    Free reverse phone lookup service. Identify a caller with before purchasing a reverse records report with someone else.
  • - Reverse Phone Lookup
    Spokeo's deep reverse phone lookup can link any phone number to the owner's full name, home address, and email address.
  • AnyWho Online Directory
    Find a business or person by phone number.
  • Area Code Decoder
  • Country Telephone Dailing Codes
  • FCC - Telecommunications Provider Locator
    Carrier Telephone Numbers, Addresses, and Other Information.
  • Info USA - Reverse Phone Search
  • International Telephone Search
    Search by choosing the country you are trying to phone.
    Reverse cell phone numbers, reverse land-line lookup and search by surname.
  • Pay Phone Directory
    This directory has numbers for over seventy thousand pay phones.
  • Phone Location Lookups
    Free Phone Number Lookup for the nation. Get Area code, city, state, zip, county and more.
  • Phone Number Analysis
    This is an easy tool to find out about all information they have on any phone number in the world.
    Find people and businesses with Reverse Phone Lookup.
  • Phone Spell
    Enter your phone number (area code included if you want) into PhoneSpell, it returns all the possible spellings from the digits you enter.
  • Telephone Number IDentification
    Provides free caller-id lookups.
  • Telephone Prefix Location Directory
  • The Pay Phone Project
    This database contains approximately 500,000 payphone numbers.
  • Verizon Reverse Number Lookup

  • Criminal Records
    Instant state & nationwide criminal check for felony, lawsuits, assets, addresses history and more.
    Nationwide Criminal Check

    Find Your Birth Parents
    Why Spend Thousands? For a small cost, we will attempt to get their current contact information.

    Property Records
    Includes: Home value, ownership info, sales history, size, property details, current & previous residents, area sex offender check, mortgage, satellite & map images, and more.

    Marriage Records
    Includes marriage date, bride's maiden name & groom's name

    Divorce Records
    Includes date, names, ages, residence & more.

    Death Records
    Includes birth location, last residence, date of birth, age & more

    On-Site Civil Record Search
    Our agent will visit the county courthouse to search for civil actions and judgments involving the person you specify.

    Background Checks
    Get INSTANT complete background checks. Criminal, lawsuits, liens, address history, property records & more.

    Investigation Services

    Find A Private Investigator

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